Hello, I am a freelance web designer with years of experience and a large number of web design, online marketing, SEO and digital signage projects. My clients vary from small family businesses from Belgrade to major European companies. Irrespective of the size of the company, or the level of success it has achieved, one thing that is common to all the customers satisfaction with the cooperation with the web projects that have significantly improved their business.

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WordPress is one of the most popular tools for website development. Based on data published in late March 2017, this CMS (Content Management System)…

WordPress Plugins

In most cases, the functionality offered by the WordPress installation and a particular theme is not enough to meet all the standards of modern web design. Aware of this fact, the creators of…

Client testimonials

We have been working with Aleksander now for just over a year and we have to say we are very impressed. Not only has our ranking improved but the general well being of the website is always in the forefront of Aleksander’s mind. It is not just a matter of working on the SEO that he does but all the other elements that are involved, that he spends time on.
We are very happy to recommend him.

Peter Agbaba, Director of CBMA (London)

We have been working with Aleks for some time and we have always found him co-operative and very supportive in developing our website, he has an enormous amount of experience and expertise and has consistently done the job in good time. We would highly recommend him!

M J Akhtar, Oxford Apartment (London)

We have been working with Aleksandar more than half year on our very demanding and sofisticated online auction website and finally it has been completed succesfully! We found him very professional, well-skilled and he has done this complex job in good time. So, we would highly recommend him.

Srdjan Djeric, CEO of The Antiquarian Book

Aco is the perfect associate. It is very easy to come to agreement with him, under one condition: if you know exactly what you want. Since he fulfills his obligations exactly as agreed, he is my sincere and definitive recommendation to clients who want a highly functional and SEO optimized site.

In addition to this, Aco has a wide range of knowledge and skills, making the work with him undoubtedly a worthwhile investment, and in addition to this he is an excellent beer drinking and laughing companion after a job well-done.

Hadži Sonja Martić - Digital strategist - www.sonjamartic.com

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